A comic made exclusively for touch screen devices.

Full Plate is an interactive comic designed for touch screen devices. Swipe horizontally to move forward through seamless parallax images that break the normal conventions of a paged and paneled comic book! An innovative new way for the medium of comics to exist in our digital age.


100+ Illustrations - Parallax Movement - Sound Design

A wild west meets dark fantasy adventure that plays out at the touch of your fingertips. All of the illustrations are placed in 3D space and your touch moves the camera perspective to give an illusion of movement! Dynamic music changes as you progress and gives sound design to the once silent medium of graphic novels.


This project was made as a thesis for Scott McCloud's idea of an "infinite canvas" style of digital comic. It was made with great inspiration from Stevan Živadinović, the creator of the webcomic "Hobo Lobo of Hamelin", and Marietta Ren's similar interactive comic app "PHALLAINA". It is in this way I see digital comics being presented that has a potential of being insanely innovative; tailing behind the ever advancing indie game scene by utilizing the powerful user-friendly software such as Unity.

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